Invitation: a roundtable discussion on designing online group workshops/training events

Philip Morgan

COVID drew a line in the sand. On the far side of this line stand folks who have adapted their offerings for remote delivery, and on the near side of this line are folks who haven't, or are curious about how they might create a remote offering. I've scheduled a 90-minute TEI roundtable to focus on this question. We'll scope the discussion to things like designing workshops and training events rather than consulting services. You're invited to participate via livestream. Because the livestream shows up in Twitch and YouTube, there's no need to register. You can just pop in when we go live and chat with us if you like (though I believe you do have to be registered with Twitch/YouTube in order to chat). This 90-minute free roundtable happens Friday, July 31 at 9am Mountain time. If you want help remembering, you can add the event to your calendar using these links: GCAL LINK ICAL LINK Again, there's no registration required. This isn't a webinar with attendees sitting at the "kid's table at Thanksgiving" while the host presents and saves a few minutes for questions at the end; we're hoping you'll join in the realtime chat throughout and make the event even more interesting, so please feel free to drop by and participate via chat if you feel like it. Or, catch the recording later if the timing is inconvenient for you but the topic is interesting. Again, you can stick a reminder on your calendar using these links: GCAL or ICAL. -P