Is this a hole in the market?

Philip Morgan

A few days ago I googled _SQL for Rails developers._There were no paid information products on this subject on the first 3 pages of Google search results. This was honestly surprising to me.Seems like a hole in the market, if you ask me.This is not an attempt to bait my list into a SQL vs. ORM debate with me, because 1) I don't have a dog in that fight and 2) I don't know enough to articulate and defend either side of that argument.Instead, this is an invitation for you to think about some questions:

  1. Is the market of Rails devs who wish they knew more about using raw SQL in addition to or instead of their preferred ORM large enough to support healthy sales for an information product (probably a self-published book or digital course, but also could be a workshop or quick-reference guide) and small enough to market to effectively? If you don't know, how might you find out?
  2. No matter how big or large the market is, is this a problem that is urgent enough to spur someone to make an impulse buy if they came across an informational product that promised to help them solve the problem?
  3. If yes to both of the above questions and you wanted to tackle creating, marketing, and selling this informational product, then how would you approach the project? How much credibility do you think you would need to pull it off? How much time would you invest in your MVP before you try to sell it?

I don't know the answer to those questions for the "SQL for Rails devs" product idea, but I have a process for discovering it that I bake into all my products and services. I'm more interested in helping you specialize your services, but the process looks very similar for information products. :)

There are 3 critical issues to consider before specializing. I've put together a free email course that covers these issues. Click here to sign up for that course.-P