Isha's "Positioning Eureka Moment"

Philip Morgan

List member Isha wrote in with her "Positioning Eureka Moment" story:

--- My Eureka moment came when I was doing outreach to validate my expensive problem. I was able to land a call with someone who is responsible for business development for a multibillion dollar clothing company. And most recently had a business development person of a 52 year old multibillion dollar fast food legacy brand reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Totally bizarre! And blew my mind! Never knew I could catch the interest of such large brands. On my linkedin profile I lead with the expensive problem instead of my title, and it seems to be totally working! :-)  Thank you Philip!

Isha started seeing results like that when she stopped focusing on inputs (design, branding) and started focusing on problems. Problems that she can use her current skills and experience to solve.

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