ISP drama

Philip Morgan

So, Thursday of last week was wild.

9:40 am was when I was supposed to be joined by 8 people in a Restream Studio room for Guillaume Wiatr's Indie Experts talk on purpose.

As you can see here, 9:19am is when pings stopped coming back from the Internet:

Jim Thornton swooped in and, with me giving him a few cues about what to do via 2 bars of LTE signal on my iPad, hosted the event in my ISP-malfunction-induced absence. I was able to view the talk, but wasn't able to host it. It went great; possibly better than with me hosting.

Here's the recorded version:

Click through for source

After Guillaume's talk, I called my ISP and they rebooted something on their end and migrated me to a different IP pool and things were back up and running. Things actually were better. The old IP pool had an issue where speeds dropped dramatically from 7pm to 11pm every single night. I assumed over-provisioned hardware, and maybe that's the problem, but no such slowdown with the new IP pool!!

On Friday I gave an ISP-drama-free TEI Talk on the topic of email list growth:

Click through for source

It went well, so maybe check it out of the topic is interesting to you.

How will you create value for your future clients? -P