Knowing -> Doing

Philip Morgan

"No matter how much faculty of idle seeing a man has, the step from knowing to doing is rarely taken." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

It occurred to me the other day that one way to think about the pricing of various stores of information is to imagine a "step from knowing to doing discount".

  • Books : heavily "discounted" because implementation is 100% up to the customer, which maximizes risk and the need for someone to be self-motivated. That step from knowing to doing is all on you, the customer.
  • Online courses : less heavily discounted because you might get some help with learning and implementation. The step from knowing to doing has some structure around it, which lowers the risk and need to be self-motivated.
  • Consulting : not discounted at all, because you're getting lots of help with the implementation. I know consulting isn't really an information product because it's not usually focused on the client's learning, but it represents a nice top anchor to this spectrum because it has no discount to account for the risk of the customer doing the implementation themselves.The Specialization School workshops fit between online courses and consulting in terms of the "discount" that's applied to account for risk and the need to be self-motivated. These workshops pose less risk than self-implementing based on a book or online course because of several reasons:
  • Weekly live Q&A meetings, to prevent 1-inch high speedbumps from halting your progress
  • Weekly content drips, to prevent a feeling of overwhelm or information overload
  • Practice in a low-stakes environment, to prevent fear or risk-aversion from halting your progress
  • Small group environment, to prevent introverts (I'm one of those too!) from feeling crowded out by more loquacious among us (y'all are welcome too, of course)The next offering of the Decision-Making workshop happens next month (July), and I'm taking applications this month. 2 of the 7 seats are sold, and 2 more folks have been accepted and will pay this week.

So if you're interested in a structured, supportive experience that will help you move from uncertainty to clarity about how you could specialize vertically, then this workshop might be right for you. We figure out if it is right by speaking for 20 minutes by video chat:

More info on the workshop itself: /specialization-school/part-1-decision-making-workshop/