Lane splitting

Philip Morgan

One of the things that freaks me out about California is lane splitting, when a motorcycle rides between lanes of slower-moving cars.

OK, let's be honest... there are quite a few things that freak me out about California. :) Lane splitting is just one of many. Drought, wildfires, earthquakes, water being made into a political issue, and cities where huge groups of people are rapidly being priced out of housing are several more.

But yeah, lane splitting freaks me out because--as a car driver who did not grow up in California--I'm not used to it.

I know it's a somewhat controversial issue with opinions and data intermingling in a way that makes it unclear exactly how safe lane actually splitting is.

Like a lot of things in life, lane splitting is a complex tradeoff between actual risk, perceived risk, speed, and convenience.

Reminds me of the process of narrowing your business focus. :)

When it comes to moving from a generalist to a narrow market position, the following is true...

The following are actual risks:

  1. Moving to an unvalidated market position that doesn't resonate with actual clients
  2. Succumbing to The Fear, and not actually taking action to narrow your business focus
  3. Changing your positioning statement but not changing anything else about your marketing
  4. Giving yourself a deadline of "someday maybe" and not making any progress

The following are perceived--but not real--risks:

  1. Reduced demand for your services and reduced revenue
  2. Less enjoyment from your business
  3. Being called out by a prospective client as a fake expert

The following things increase speed:

  1. Proven processes and best practices for narrowing down your market position
  2. Personalized help from an expert
  3. Group support from others going through the same process
  4. Reliable troubleshooting techniques for those times that you're stuck

The following things increase convenience:

  1. Online event or consulting that doesn't require travel
  2. Templates and recipes that you customize for your unique situation

Why yes, my Positioning Workshop does have all of those things that increase speed, reduce risk, and increase convenience! Thank you for asking! :)

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Talk to you soon,

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