Lead Generation - What Matters Most

Philip Morgan

(I'm neck deep in the design phase of The Lead Generation Operating System (http://leadgenerationoperatingsystem.com) and so you may overhear me muttering about lead gen-related issues here on my daily-ish list. Like… today!)

There are at least 4 aspects of your context that affect how you should approach lead generation:

  1. Your aspiration -- what are you trying to use lead generation to do?
  2. Your resources -- what financial, time, and emotional resources do you have available to put towards lead gen?
  3. Your service type -- do clients need what you do all the time to just keep their business running, do you optimize something for them, or do you fix a crisis/big 1-time problem for them?
  4. How you've specialized.

I think aspiration is the most senior element of context.

I can't prove this from a theoretical perspective, but when I give myself the mental space to really think about this, and I iterate through allowing each of those 4 contextual factors to become the "most senior" factor, the one that seems to make everything else make sense is aspiration.

Said differently, if you start with the question "what is your aspiration with lead generation?", then all the subsequent decisions you need to make seem to click into place a bit more easily. That's the question that seems to most readily define your lead generation strategy.

Other questions matter too, but the whole process seems to flow better if the first question I ask you is: "what do you aspire to use lead generation to accomplish in your business?"