Lemons are behind the counter now

Philip Morgan

On a recent lunch run to Chipotle, I noticed a sign at their drinks/condiments station that said "Lemons are behind the counter now."I should give the business the benefit of the doubt in thinking about why they'd make that change, but I'm in a crappy mood today so I'm not going to. (A friend's house burned down in the Santa Rosa wildfires a few weeks back, and today I was remembering that.)What message is Chipotle sending about their business by moving the lemons behind the counter?I think it's a cost-savings measure on Chipotle's behalf. Add a bit of friction to the process of acquiring a lemon slice, and fewer people will do it, and their CoGS goes down a fraction of a percentage.What message are you sending about the health of your business when you…

  • Invest in creating and publishing more super high quality public-facing content
  • Invest in unique research that benefits your clients
  • Generously teach what you know

And alternately, what message does it send when you stop or never get around to providing providing those kinds of benefits to your prospective clients?-P

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