List member success story

Philip Morgan

List member and all around great guy Travis Northcutt wrote me recently with this update on his specialization journey (shared with his permission):------_Philip,_As you know, I am a consultant for membership sites. I only work with membership sites. If somebody comes to me with a general web development project and a fistful of dollars, I politely turn them down even though I could knock a general web dev project out of the park.Recently, someone who runs a large membership site was referred to me, as they were looking for a consultant to help them achieve their growth goals.They asked a mutual acquaintance who they should talk to, and our mutual  acquaintance immediately sent them my way.They first contacted me by email on Sunday evening; we then had an introductory call Wednesday evening. When I woke up this morning (Friday), I had a notification from Stripe that they'd paid my $15,000 invoice for a consulting engagement.If I did not focus solely on consulting for membership sites, there's no way this would have happened. If I were simply a "web developer" or a "marketing consultant" they could and would have compared me to dozens of other professionals.Instead, I was the obvious, and probably only, choice for someone seeking to grow their established membership site.My positioning is laser focused, and I love it.Thanks for all your help.------Membership businesses are less of a vertical and more of an audience of businesses (a vertical is basically an NAICS code, an audience is an otherwise unrelated group that shares a common interest, need, or situation). That makes them harder to find compared to a vertical, and less suitable for reaching through outbound marketing or sales.But... as you see Travis point out above, when word of mouth and inbound marketing start working in your favor, it's very powerful. That's when you get to the point we all are seeking, the "promised land" of specialization. Prospects show up with that powerful combination of need, budget, and _trust_already in place so the sales process is something you could almost sleepwalk through.Thanks for the share, Travis!I offer a small group program to help you you achieve what Travis has: http://positioningacceleratorprogram.comClick here to get more info on this program sent to your inbox: /inquiry/positioning-accelerator-program/-P