Long-term unemployed

Philip Morgan

In my mind's eye, I imagine the members of this list as doing well but looking to improve their business, intelligent and interesting, and above average in most ways. Sort of the Lake Wobegon of email lists.

Every once in a while, I use this email list for the benefit of a single member. I've published a project opportunity or two that's right for a specialist, for example.

Today I want to ask if there are any long-term unemployed folks here. Some context...

I've got a list member who is doing some research for a consulting business idea around helping folks who have been unemployed 3 months or more. This person has nothing to sell you, they just want to learn more about a market they might be interested in focusing on. This means they'll want to speak to you and ask questions to learn about your world.

If you've been unemployed for 3 months or more and you'd like to connect with this person, just hit REPLY and let me know and I'll make the connection. You don't have to give me any details, just a quick "connect me" note and I'll forward your email along to them.