Lots of ideas about specialization and marketing swirling around

Philip Morgan

I realize the irony of telling you about a service I offer that's designed to reduce the risk of specializing for you when that thing is a brand new offering that might seem... risky to you.Here's what some previous participants have said about the first workshop in Specialization School:------When I started this workshop, I had a lot of ideas about specialization and marketing swirling around in mind but my headspace wasn't focused. Now I am starting to think more specifically in terms of outcomes and value that I can help my ideal customer realize and this has made all the difference in my thinking! I feel more focused, relaxed, and hopeful! Thank you for helping bring about this change in mindset. -- Mayank Patel------I found especially helpful the practical steps and exercises you prepared for us, since I knew most of the "theory" but had no idea how to put it into practice. -- Alessandro Menduni------Reduce the risk of making the specialization decision, learning how to do market research, or learning how to generate leads with Specialization School.Registration for this round of Specialization School workshops closes this Sunday, April 22nd.If you'd like to listen to a ~40m presentation on the program and ask questions, then come to this webinar at 11:30am Pacific time on Wednesday, April 18th:  https://zoom.us/meeting/register/77870978fd9c997b7c24e00bf0acd2b8You can also set up a 1:1 call with me to make sure the fit is ideal: https://calendly.com/philipmorgan/20m-call-to-check-for-workshop-fitThe description and schedule of workshops is always available at http://specializationschool.com#schedule-P