Man, I need to change my diet!

Philip Morgan

Crap man, these nightmares keep happening!! Maybe I need to look into what I'm eating for dinner at night!This time my nightmare was that Donal Trump got elected president and immediately signed an executive order outlawing podcast guesting by anyone that isn't him. Crud! How would I get high quality leads for my business now?In fact, how would you do that? I'm bullish on podcast guesting because it can build trust very rapidly, and in my nightmare you'd now be missing out on 1 very high quality lead gen channel (if you're not Donald Trump)!The first thing I'd do is substitute some other lead generation activity from I'd look for something:

  1. That has a high trust velocity score
  2. That is repeatable and sustainable for me (consistency is super important with most lead-gen techniques)
  3. That I can execute on well

Here's what I think that would look like for me:ImageI've highlighted the lead-gen techniques that would be sustainable for me, but obviously your choices would be different. Because I live in the fairly densely populated San Francisco Bay Area, things like in-person educational events are an option.If I was in a hurry to start building a pipeline of opportunities, I would sort this list by what I call bootstrap coefficient instead (that puts fast starter lead-gen techniques at the top of the list).Now what if the Ministry of Truth forced me to relocate to Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska, which is the least populous county in the US of A (pop of 5,588 but it's the LARGEST county in the country at 147,805 square miles)? What then?That would definitely take in-person educational events off the table for me, unless I wanted to get on an airplane to deliver those. I don't. :)But there are several other really good lead generation techniques on that can be delivered remotely, and I'd stick with those.As always, the key isn't the specific tools you use, it's all about combining the following elements: narrow market position + way to demonstrate your expertise and build trust over time + way for prospects to take action and ultimately give you money.Need help figuring out a powerful market position? You should read: http://thepositioningmanual.comTalk to you soon,-P