Marketing doesn't have to suck

Philip Morgan

Marketing doesn't have to suck. But from looking at the way some people do it, you wouldn't know that.

You'd see an email like this with a deceptive subject line and you'd think that sleazy is the status quo:

Sleazy subject line email screenshot

That's a marketing offer posing as an e-commerce transactional email using a cheap trick subject line designed to get me to open the email.

Screw that.

Marketing your services is simple and at no point does it require cheap tricks:

  1. Define a clear market position
  2. Make your marketing itself valuable, provide ample proof, build trust, and demonstrate expertise
  3. Create multiple opportunities for increasing engagement and value (help anonymous site viewers become email list members; help list members who want to learn more attend interactive educational events; help list members who need help buy into your services at an appropriate price/value point; help previous clients remember, refer, and re-engage with you; etc.)

Yeah, there are a few more details involved, but those are the three essentials of marketing professional services like yours.

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