Martin's "Positioning Eureka Moment"

Philip Morgan

List member Martin wrote to tell me about his "Positioning Eureka Moment":

--- i knew that i wanted to specialize ever since i was introduced to the
concept through the freelancers show. i picked up your template and started building my own, but for
about half a year i was unable to fill it with content. i had a rough
idea of what i wanted to "sell", but i could not express it.


and then it hit me. i realized what i wanted to say. and within a week,
i not only had content for the site, but also for a 4 day email-course.

now of course comes the hard part, to validate that this actually makes
sense to anyone. it doesn't help that i still haven't picked a market
vertical. (i don't necessarily want to focus on foreigners in china,
but for the moment that is the only group that seems even remotely


anyways, i guess that's my eureka moment. now i have at least something
that i can talk about that is not just technobabble, and a way to show
that i have the others business needs in mind. (at least some of them)


I couldn't say it better myself.

49% of marketing difficulties are caused by lack of focus. The other 49% are caused by not having something sufficiently interesting or compelling to offer (interesting to your target market, that is). The remaining 2% of marketing difficulties are caused by lack of knowledge about: copywriting, conversion rate optimization, advanced email marketing, how to run Facebook ads, fancy multi-step marketing funnels, the flavor of the month growth hack, etc.

Yes, I'm kidding about those percentages. But I'm only 2% kidding. It's amazing how intractable marketing problems melt away when you find the right thing to offer to the right audience.

Choosing the right focus solves your two biggest marketing problems with one move. You'll still have to apply time and effort to get results, but like Martin found, you don't wonder what to talk about in your website.

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