More on the cutting edge of fitness

Philip Morgan

Interesting stuff from list member Frank (shared with permission):

_Philip,You’re probably more on the cutting edge of fitness than I am, but I ran across the video describing an emerging fitness movement (literally) by a practitioner/founder named Ido Portal. This 8 min video below describes the underpinnings of Ido’s fitness philosophy. I found it interesting and applicable to your thinking because I’ve never thought of sports as specialized fitness movements. This guy is a generalist in fitness movement. someone like me who has tried and continues to try many fitness specializations (running, crossfit, cycling, football, cross country, track, volleyball, water polo, swimming…just to name a few), Ido has managed to find a common thread between them all…movement. And turn that into its own, dare I say, specialization.__Best,_Frank

To make this an analogy for business specializations, we might think of each sport as a vertical specialization, while the focus on movement would be a horizontal specialization because it cuts across many different types of sports.Thanks for sharing, Frank! (I am nowhere near the cutting edge of fitness. My brother, however, is: ( you missed this week’s Consulting Pipeline Podcast interview, fret not. I have a handy link you can click to rectify that grave oversight.About a year ago Josh decided to narrow the focus of his salary coaching business to focus just on software developers. When he and I spoke a year ago (episode 40:, things were initially going well as a result of this decision, but I’m very interested in the long-term benefits of specialization, so I followed up with Josh recently to see how things are going: yourself a great weekend,-P