My secret ritual for dealing with stress

Philip Morgan

I have a secret ritual for dealing with stress.

It doesn't involve Valium, Ativan, marijuana, herbal tea, yoga, or meditation.

Instead, it involves walking outside to the small building that is the combined storage unit/laundry room for our house and just gazing for a few moments at the well-organized shelving system I recently installed in there.

Before that, things were a real mess in there. Boxes stacked willy nilly, stuff leaning this was and that, and more chaos than organization.

I got sick of it one day, got this great shelving system on Amazon (John Sterling, if you need a recommendation for a great one), and brought order to the chaos.

Now just gazing at my accomplishment calms me down when I'm in need of some calm. It feels good to see everything in it's right place, stacked neatly on shelves that keep stuff off the floor and leave plenty of room to move around in there.

More than a few people have told me that what brought them to the point they were ready to narrow their business focus was a sense of always being on a "treadmill" with different, unrelated projects. The constant "noise" of switching between different projects and different problems became overwhelming and chaotic-feeling.

Having a clear focus for your business mostly resolves this. Sure, you'll still have chaotic weeks. But overall, knowing 1) who your ideal client is, 2) where to find them, 3) how to market to them, and 4) how to deliver value to them are things that bring a sense of calm focus to your business.

Most generalists start with a decent sense of #4 (how to deliver value), but need help with #1, #2, and #3.

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