New version of

Philip Morgan

I've recently switched my hosting for  from Pagely to Cloudways, and I figured I'd tackle some long-planned updates to at the same time.So, I've got a new version of for you.This website template is specifically meant for just a few situations:

  1. You’ve just decided how to specialize, and you don’t have a web presence that fits your new focus
  2. You’re just starting out in professional services and you need a non-terrible web presence while you focus on connecting and building trust with prospects

In those situations, this website template may help. If you’re more established or more mature as a business, you may need a more complex web presence, in which case the ideas behind this template may help more than the actual template itself does.Since day 1 I wanted to make this template easier to use, because my first attempt at that was not very successful. The best way to do that, it turned out, was to make it a page template you can load into Beaver Builder. But for that to work, you have to own the "Pro" tier of Beaver Builder, which costs $199. I know that's a debatable decision, but there it is. If you'd rather build this type of 1-page lead generating site using other tools, feel free to adapt the information design into your tool of choice.I hope this free resource is useful to you! You can view and download the template at