Orphan Problems

Philip Morgan

The people I know who have the most interesting and lucrative careers have adopted "orphan problems". These are problems that exist at sufficient scale and severity in the marketplace, but there's no corresponding academic or credentialing path that supplies us with licensed experts to solve them. So, these folks become self-made experts in solving these orphan problems, and they enjoy significant freedom in how they monetize that expertise, at the cost of working damn hard for a while and embracing significant risk along the way. The Expertise Incubator is a framework I invented to help folks like you find and adopt orphan problems, and cultivate valuable expertise in service of solving those problems. This Friday at 10am Mountain time, I'm kicking off a series of TEI Talks where I walk you through this framework. If this is interesting to you, join me. Details: https://www.mixily.com/event/3972783778176302335 -P A few more days of early bird pricing remain on the specialization and POV workshops, both starting in October.