[PAP] One more participant story...

Philip Morgan

Just a quick reminder that you're on the waiting list for my Positioning Accelerator Program, and one seat just opened up.

The price is $700/mo, and you can cancel anytime. The open office hours slot is 9am Pacific time on Tuesdays.

Check out Kirby talking with me about his primary takeaways from his time in the Positioning Accelerator Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4PVa6pBgHE

Next steps:

If you're interested in joining and we have not spoken realtime about you being in this program, please set up a call with me ASAP to do so: https://calendly.com/philipmorgan/15m-pap-call (I can't let you into the program without having a brief chat first to be sure it's a great investment of your money.)

If we have spoken already about you being in the program, then just wait until Friday, November 18th when I'll open the doors and allow you to buy that one open seat if you want to.

Talk to you soon,

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