Perfection is elusive

Philip Morgan

I've been working on building a new pair of speakers for my house.If you've been reading my blog posts for awhile, you might remember that I built a small pair of speakers from a kit some months back. This speaker project is much more ambitious. At some point I'll go nuts and spend a week writing about it for this list.The guy at the maker space who taught me to use the table saw there remarked at some point, "Perfection is elusive."Boy is he right!After I assembled the main speaker cabinets for this project, I spent a lot of time and attention on filling the screw holes.Despite me using the most difficult-to-use but supposedly highest quality filler (Bondo) and despite me filling the holes, sanding them flat, and then filling and sanding them again to try to get them perfectly flush with the surface of the wood, they still came out noticeably recessed.picture of small flaw in speakerYes, perfection is elusive.Good thing it was never about perfection in the first place!I've always loved how Alan Weiss, author and consulting raconteur, frames consulting in terms of improving your client's condition, not in terms of perfection or achieving some absolute benchmark performance.That's very much how I think about you improving your marketing.What improvement--even if small--can you make to the condition of your positioning or lead generation?Here are the general patterns I notice in my work:

  • If you're a typical generalist, picking even a broad target market (ex: retail, manufacturing, etc) will improve your positioning. Not overnight, but over time.
  • If you depend 100% on luck or referrals for new business, then committing to the practice of at least 1 lead generation approach for 6 to 12 months will improve your lead generation. See for ideas.
  • If your website is a you-focused garbage barge, then doing a rm *  on the whole thing (minus any relevant content marketing you've created) and starting over with a simple 1-page site that focuses on a specific type of client and (maybe) a specific benefit your services can create for them with some relevant social proof and a relevant call to action will improve your condition. Ex:

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