A fascinating specialization

Philip Morgan

I was grinning from ear to ear the whole length of this 5m mini-documentary: https://uncrate.com/video/the-paper-prop-master/

It's about a guy who for 25 years has specialized in making props for movies.

Not just any props, but anything that's based on paper. Historical documents, books, scraps of paper with a clue to where the Illuminati holds their weekly marketing meetings, (probably) a prop version of Donald Trump's tax returns for a film project in the pipeline now, and all kinds of other crazy paper-based props.

It's really fascinating.

Also of note: this guy lives in Connecticut. You can't get much further from Hollywood in the continental US (though to be fair he's relatively close to another big movie/TV hub in New York City).

Specialized expertise attracts opportunity, even at a distance.