A great first website for the newly-specialized firm

Philip Morgan

I was doing some research for a client and came across a FANTASTIC example of a website.Here's who needs to pay attention to this:

  • Perhaps you've been operating as a generalist and recently decided to specialize. This approach to your site might be right for you.
  • Perhaps you feel like the marketing story around your specialization is kind of thin and you don't have a ton of case studies or portfolio pieces to back it up.

This website example I'm going to show you very artfully navigates those challenges. The challenges of: "we just recently specialized and don't have a super deep client list in our area of specialization but we're going to kill it with our website anyway".Of course, I like to remind you that there's https://1pageleadgen.site for these situations as well, but today's example is a bit more, shall we say... nice to look at. :)Here's my video walkthrough of the site: https://vimeo.com/296519933And here's the site itself: https://hanno.co/ (They're not a client.)Watch and learn people,-P