A sea change win

Philip Morgan

(Readin' time: 1m 47s)

Esteemed list member Mark gave me permission to share the below, and I'm so happy he did. It's a great example of the "sea change narrative" in action, this time in the context of presenting a proposal to a client. Check it out:

Morning Philip

We are a small boutique marketing agency and we had just got our biggest referral. A friend of a friend had put us in contact with a massive client.

They are in luxury travel and their website is the main booking engine and accounts for about a billion dollars in turnover.

We live in South Africa so you can add an extra zero to the end of that number for our local currency.

This project was for a full website rebuild and we were the rank outsiders in a 3 horse race. Hell, we were in the stable still as this job was easily our biggest ever and a factor of 10x higher in value.

I was in charge of the pitch deck and read Andy Raskin's Medium post which you linked to.

I copied it. Blatantly.

I then managed to convince my skeptical team that this was exactly the right time to try something new.

So, when others arrived with mockups and 200-page presentations, we arrived with one slide deck, no visuals, and a 3-page outline.

I’ve attached the deck for you here. Names protected for the innocent ;)

We had an hour.

We won.

We led the deck with the sea change, companies that focus on their users win, and then set the stage between winner and losers, and then showed a new way vs old way. We also tied it directly to conversion as we knew that's what ultimately mattered.

They’ve been our client now, since the build, for over 2 years with approximately ten to 12 sprints per year of development.

So it works

In spades

Here's the deck Mark mentioned in his message to me: pmc-dropshare.s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/Website_RFP-1.pdf

I just love stories like this. They remind us to zig when others zag.

Here are the previous emails about the sea change narrative:


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