Change creates opportunity

Philip Morgan

Articles like this one remind me of something I take as a truth: change creates opportunity for new forms of specialized expertise.10, 20 years ago, there was no need for specialized expertise in game addition. Gambling addiction, sure. Gambling's been around for a long time, and addiction to it has been ruining lives for a long time.But video game addiction is relatively new. It's a by-product of improved video game technology.And it gives rise to the need for new forms of expertise.There are two things that jump out at me as I read the aforelinked article:1: Video game additiction is still a controversial thing. You have experts coming at the issue from different perspectives, some saying "yes, it's a problem" and others saying "the research is too immature and low quality to say for sure it's a problem". This disagreement is a good thing. When an idea is broadly accepted as truth or "yep, that's the way things are", then it's usually too late to stake your claim as an expert in the ideaspace because the ideaspace has matured to the point of calcification.2: The experts quoted in this article are those that have done research or have closely examined others research. Now, to be sure, they're expected to be doing research if they're a professor. But about you? What role could research play in establishing you as an expert? You definitely don't have to be a professor to do research! And your research doesn't have to be peer reviewed to be valuable.If you're selling access to skills, change is neutral or negative, because it decays the value of your skills.But if you're selling access to expertise, change is positive, because it creates new opportunity and new use cases for self-made expertise.

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