[PMC Daily Consulting Insight] The currency of brand marketing

Philip Morgan

The currency of brand marketing is gifts.

Here's a nice example.

The tweet that alerted me to it:

Tom Goodwin@tomfgoodwin

I love it when people "give" away stuff they've worked on like this. This is a incredible resource from @juliancole with 200 ideas for marketing below $20k. docs.google.com/presentation/d… Comes via @neilperkin 's newsletter. Thank you both.200 Ideas for under $20K200 CREATIVE IDEAS UNDer $20k PLANNING DIRTYdocs.google.com

November 1st 2019

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The thing itself:


Here's a preview:

This brand marketing transaction is structured this way: Here's a gift. If it's relevant, I trust you'll notice slide #2 and possibly sign up for more such gifts.

A direct response transaction reverses things: Here's a "gift". If it's relevant (and we're going to use some salesmanship in the copywriting to persuade you that it is), you'll need to provide some information on your business before you get this one gift. And after that, you can expect some more communication from us.

I can't help but notice that Google Docs/Slides is a platform I'm starting to associate with a personal belief that "this is an actual gift". Dan Oshinsky uses GDocs to distribute his Not a Newsletter Newsletter, which has a similar gift-ey dynamic.

Dan willingly forgoes data about who and how many are consuming his gift. 1 To me, this forgoing of detailed data makes me believe that the supposed gift is really a gift.

I mentioned this before: I like the interview Liston and I had with Dan here https://www.offlinepodcast.rocks/episodes/why-your-tools-dont-matter-and-how-to-use-email-with-dan-oshinsky.

I hope that's a gift to you too. :)



Obligatory disclaimer: It's OK to use direct response marketing tools. I use them too! I regularly visit the topic of direct response vs. brand marketing because a) its' important in its own right and b) it's a concrete way to discuss larger issues of power and value in your business.

  1. Dan knows who and how many are on his email list that alerts you when a new issue of his newsletter is available, but he doesn't know that information about his consulting business website, which uses GSlides. ↩︎