Dream client list

Do you have a dream client list?

If not, I think you might learn a lot by creating one.

I’d suggest going for at least 10, as many as 25 companies that you think would make great clients.

What will you learn by doing this?

Well, for starters, you’ll learn how clear your business strategy is.

My off-the-cuff definition of strategy, which I’m liking more and more each time I use it, is: Strategy is the choices you make now so you have the opportunity to make even better choices later.

It’s the clients you take now so that you can work with even better clients later.

It’s the clients you say “no” to now so that you can say “yes” to even better clients later.

It’s the expertise you invest in now so you can monetize it later.

The dream client list will help you learn how clear your business strategy is.

You’ll also learn how accessible those dream clients are.

Are they just one LinkedIn connection away, or are they behind three layers of polished cocobolo doors and effective gatekeepers?

Are they at the conference you’re already speaking at, or one you’ll have to work a bit to get a speaking slot at?

I could go on. If you’ve never made a dream client list, give it a try.

You can’t fail.

You can only learn what you do and don’t know, and thereby gain clarity about what you need to learn next.

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