Excellent info on market research

Philip Morgan

(Readin' time: 33 seconds)

Last week Ari Zelmanow gave a really great presentation on doing market research.

I had described it as being about doing interview-based research, but it turned out to be more about mindset and overall methodology, which made it an even more useful presentation than I was expecting! It was less about the specifics of conducting effective interviews and more about the keys to conducting effective research.

Here's the video: youtu.be/C8tDqWHUXQQ

Remember you can rip Youtube videos to audio and them play them in a podcast player. I do that all the time because it makes it easier to find time to listen to the video. Suggestions on that:philipmorganconsulting.com/pmc-weekend-edition-rapid-prototyping/ and philipmorganconsulting.com/pmc-weekend-edition-another-video-to-podcast-player-workflow/