Free link-building

Philip Morgan

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A member of this email list has an offer for you. Here's Mike's description of the offer:

I’m working on testing out a new business concept, I’ll be doing link building for companies to get them more traffic and sales. But before I do, I want to make sure that’s something that people want and that we can do a good job at.

So, question for you:

Do you know anybody who would be interested in trying me out for free?

If so, I would take a high quality piece of content on their website and build 5-10 quality backlinks to it.

You can see more about my process here:

I want to do this for 10 people for free (I’m sending this email to 50).

My goal is to see how it goes, see what your excitement level is and how well we can do at fulfilling this.

Summary of the service:

So that's the offer.

Again, if you want to give this a try, contact Mike here and mention my list and this offer: