Free workshop

Philip Morgan

(Readin' time: 1m 23s)

I want to see if this LinkedIn lead generation approach described here works well for others.

So I'm putting together a free online workshop to test this.

It'll be free only in the sense you won't pay me for it. You'll need to do a fair bit of work--maybe an hour a day--over a 2-month period. And you'll need to have an available budget of $200/month for software tools. So there is an investment cost.

That investment will almost certainly be a waste of time if you aren't focused in a way that gives you a clear, easy-to-explain service offering or value proposition. So you'll also need to be specialized for this workshop to be worth doing.

If the above conditions work for you, you can apply to join the workshop here:

A few other things:

  • I'm limiting the workshop to 20 participants. If I get more applications than that, I'll go choose based on perceived need and/or enthusiasm.
  • We'll meet weekly via Zoom. I'll figure out a meeting time that works for as many of the accepted applicants as possible using Doodle.
  • We'll have some sort of digital connective tissue for the group, probably via Slack since that tends to win out over forums and mailing lists every time I've tested it.
  • There will be guidance and structure. You won’t be winging it. But you’ll need to be reasonably good at taking high-level guidance and implementing that.
  • Here’s my initial agenda for the group:
    • Week 1: LI profile groomed
    • 2: LI SN search dialed in at a basic, functional level
    • 3: Content plan documented, 50 search results/day invited to connect
    • 4: 10 pieces of content created for backlog, 50 connects/day done
    • 5: 5 more pieces of content created, 5 published from backlog, 50 connects/day done, conversations nurtured
    • 6: Repeat above
    • 7: Repeat
    • 8: Repeat

That application link again: