I’ll never make the 40 under 40 list

Philip Morgan

I was browsing my Facebook feed when I realized I’ll never make the 40 under 40 list.Not the one some random Facebook friend just bragged about making. Not any 40 under 40 list.I’m 44, a late bloomer, and I didn’t understand the value of specialization until a few years ago. I just ordered freaking bifocal sunglasses.I must be old.I want there to be a prize for most profitable services business. How about this: an award called The 4 over 400.It goes to services companies with 4 or fewer full time equivalents that generate $400K or more in profit per year. Now that’s an award I’d be happy to win.How about you?What made up award would you want your business to win? (If I get some fun ones I’ll share them back with the list)-P