It's like Aggregation Theory

Philip Morgan

Ben Thompson, who writes the excellent Stratechery analysis-as-daily-newsletter, has this thing he calls Aggregation Theory.Aggregation Theory is an idea he's developed over time, and while I wasn't tuned in to his newsletter in 2015, he post-facto explains the development of this idea on this page.Ben essentially says a theme kept surfacing across several articles, and that theme was what he turned into Aggregation Theory.I love this kind of story, and I'll claim it as a victory for Team Working in Public. :)Ben is not modest about his sense of the importance of Aggregation Theory. He says, "Looking forward, I believe that Aggregation Theory will be the proper framework to both understand opportunities for startups as well as threats for incumbents." I love this kind of confidence (and I think he's right about the importance of his idea).The Expertise Incubator participant Tobie Langel is working in public on an idea I think will be similarly profound and impactful. Tobie's not as far along with his version of Aggregation Theory (Ben Thompson's got a several-year head start here), so you have an opportunity to "get in on the ground floor" of seeing Tobie develop this idea into the robust framework it will eventually be.Tobie's idea is that open source methods are an outsized source of competitive advantage for companies that can deeply embrace these methods. With many tech companies, this embrace is second nature, but with many non-tech enterprises, this embrace feels risky, but the real risk is them not embracing open source methods.Tobie is talking about an idea that--in terms of its importance and potential impact--reminds me of the lean methodology or Blue Ocean Strategy.Check out Tobie's email list here. It's the form at the bottom of the home page.-P