"Leading Dermatologist Refuses to Offer Dental Treatments"

Philip Morgan

List member Roger Williams sent this to me a while back, and I wanted to share it with you today: https://www.crutchfielddermatology.com/nodentaltreatments.asp

snapshot of the page above

It's written in the style of a press release or mainstream news article. I'm not sure if it ever was released as an actual press release, or it's just a blog post that looks like a press release.

The article is basically a dermatologist reacting to hearing about dentists offering Botox injections to their dental patients. I don't have the context here to know if this is a real thing that really happens, or basically made up so this guy can make a point.

But either way, what you have here is a dermatologist making a big deal out of only practicing dermatology.

In the licensed professions, this is exactly what we expect.

We expect lawyers to avoid giving medical advice.

And we expect doctors to avoid giving legal advice.

But in the unlicensed professions (what you and I do for a living), the expectations are different. We self-define the lanes we either decide to stay in or stray outside of.

A lot of us start out defining a very wide lane for ourselves. This is the generalist market position. It seems like this will offer flexibility, and flexibility seems to be an asset.

But at what point do you become like a dentist doing dermatology?

At what point would you be better served by picking a narrow lane and going deep there?