Mailbag 2: "Mindset emerging from practice"

I got some fantastic emails from y’all on last week’s Mindset emerging from practice email.This one is from Karl Sakas, shared with permission:

Hi Philip,Something to help you and your audience (feel free to share)…For improving money mindset, I strongly recommend Overcoming Underearning. It’s available on Audible, Kindle, and paperback.After reading it last year, I gave myself a 60% raise. After realizing she was underpaying herself, one of my clients gave herself a 50% raise. Another client built a series of raises for himself into his agency’s 2019 budget. Overcoming Underearning isn’t for everyone—it’s not an automatic recommendation in my agency coaching, and some people report it didn’t resonate for them. But when it’s a fit, it can make a huge difference on improving money mindset.Karl

Great stuff, eh?More on Karl here at his website.-P