Mailbag: Congress of experts

Philip Morgan

This is technically a mailbag item for this email, but actually it's a reminder that market research need not be difficult.From Jim T:

_I was browsing an active independent mortgage brokers facebook group and boy, it is a treasure trove of insight for anyone trying to do specialization for that vertical._In about 5 posts I learned:

  • what web design options typically get recommended
  • what taglines 20+ commenters use to describe/position their brokerages
  • what they really care about, which is quickly getting the lowest rate for clients
  • key pain points of
    • lenders taking too long to approve,
    • dealing with Realtors that don't "get it"
    • general angst at wholesale lenders that are trying to cut them out of deals and overcharge consumers on loans

_A little more research shows the last item being such a big deal right now that thousands of these independent mortgage brokers have rallied together to get better pricing from big lenders for their clients._Pretty wild.

Again, gaining insight into how your buyers think (aka market research) need not be that hard!-P