One-shot lead generation

Philip Morgan

On a strategy call today, I came up with an interesting thought experiment for my client. I thought I'd run it past y'all:You've just stepped off the stage after giving the best, most impactful talk of your career. Several VP-or-above level buyers are waiting in line to speak with you about whether you do consulting. You travel home, elated. When you return home, a uniformed--very seriously looking--man knocks on the door. He has a gun holstered by his side.You are notified that you are not allowed to speak at any conference ever again so long as you live, nor are you allowed to guest on a podcast or do any other form of lead generation for that matter. Instead of being on a no-fly list, you're on a no-lead-generation list. A secret tribunal has decided this, and you have no recourse.You realize that talk was your last shot at proactive lead generation, ever. You hope that those who heard it were so impacted by it that they'll remember you for years and keep business coming your way.Two questions:

  1. What was the audience you'd choose for that talk?
  2. What was the subject you'd choose for that talk?

Third question: does answering the two questions above give you a new perspective on how you might approach lead generation in the future?If it does, I may have just tricked you into figuring out how best to focus your business. Mwooohahaha!BTW, I still do strategy calls at basically giveaway prices. I'll probably phase this low pricing out over the next year in favor of the pricing over at Clarity (my profile there), but in the meantime if you need focused help on a focused issue, a 1h strategy call might be a good fit. Let me know and I can set that up for you.-P