Vue.js specialization

Philip Morgan

Quick tophat: I just got off a call with a former police department detective who is now a PhD in consumer psychology and a research lead at Twitter. He's agreed to put on a webinar for y'all (in March, 2019) on doing research to better understand your buyers, or to include in your development services to add more value. I'm psyched! and just wanted to share.

**Is this company's Vue.js specialization a success story? Is it a failure?**I'm not quite sure. It's a Slideshare deck Greg sent me (thanks, Greg!), and it describes a dev shop's experiment with specializing in Vue.js and trying to turn that into a robust market position:'s a nice example of the kind of stuff you'll find in this guy's presentation:Slide decks divorced from the context of the talk they accompanied are not the most informative things in the world, so it's a bit hard for me to tell, but it seems like a pretty mixed experiment. Not exactly a failure, and not exactly a rousing success.Without knowing more, I can't comment much more on what they could have done differently to get better results.But if nothing else, it's a nice reality check about how specialization--and lead generation--are a sort of flywheel that take time to spin up. They're not quick fixes for anything.Sometimes they do yield fast results, but much more likely they take a while.And what better reason to start working on specializing your business now? I have two books that might help, and until the end of this year you can get 30% off both The Positioning Manual ( and Specializing Without Failure ( use the code TAXWRITEOFF when you check out to get the discount. Do it before the stroke of midnight Pacific time on December 31, cause that's when this offer expires.-P