[PMC Weekend Edition] 15 losers, 2 winners

Philip Morgan

(Readin' time: 33 seconds)

This is interesting: www.cnbc.com/2019/04/26/the-15-us-jobs-disappearing-the-fastest.html

Not every one of these 15 entries describes the main reason why that job is one of the fastest disappearing, but it's obvious.

In every case, it's changes in technology and automation.

As my friend Jonathan Stark likes to say: don't compete with robots.

That applies to folks with jobs that were more economically relevant in the last century than this one--like Coil winders, tapers, and finishers--and it applies to us too.

To elaborate on what Jonathan says: don't compete with frameworks, libraries, best practices, or other forms of automation.

Or alternately, be the source of applied insight like best practices, rather than the consumer thereof.

Happy Sunday,


PS: My often-more-astute friend Jonathan Stark wrote a funny note about yesterday's email. He noticed that the tank's owner called in a painter to paint it brown to conceal the molasses leaks.

I now realize that every developer alive has felt what that painter must have felt, or at least been called upon to do something similar with code.

This is why the coder -> consultant transition matters to me. It largely frees you from putting brown paint over molasses leaks.