[PMC Weekend Edition] A congress of experts

Philip Morgan

One of my all time favorite move lines is in True Grit, where Mattie Ross says, "He is not my friend. He has abandoned me to a congress of louts."Since hearing that, I've used "a congress of $THINGS" at every opportunity.Azeem Azar is assembling a congress of experts. Here's what he says about it:"We're gathering a list of EV subscribers who have particular expertise. It'll be helpful for us--particularly if we need to solicit further opinion on a topic. We will only use this list to email you directly and won't let any third parties access it."This strikes me as sort of like Help a Reporter Out (HARO), but structured differently and focused on experts. In other words, it seems like an opportunity for you to be cited as an expert.You sign up on this page: airtable.com/shr7T4gj8OBxJ6mYkAnd while signing up, you specify your area(s) of expertise. Here are some of the options when you do that:BTW, mentions in mainstream press can be helpful, at least for authority-building. HARO is not the only service that helps with that. I'm not up to the minute on this space, and it's changing about as quickly as the larger media landscape is changing, but this Quora page might help you identify other ways to connect with reporters who need expert sources like you: www.quora.com/Is-there-any-other-service-like-HARO-(Help-a-Reporter-Out)Happy Saturday,-P