[PMC Weekend Edition] "Babe, You Turn Me On"

Philip Morgan

**Nick Cave is a treasure.**I love this lyric from his song “Babe, You Turn Me On”:

You race naked through the wilderness__You torment the birds and the bees__You leapt into the abyss, but find__It only goes up to your knees

How much of life is like that?You leap into something that feels like an abyss, but find it only goes up to your knees?Get to leaping!Teslonda.This is just fun.What do you get when you combine risk-taking (leaping into the abyss, not knowing what's there before you leap), a Honda chassis, a Nissan Leaf battery pack, a Tesla drive system, and a motivated hacker?You get more fun than you can legally have on pavement with your clothes on.Happy Saturday,-P