[PMC Weekend Edition] Flossin'

Philip Morgan

(Readin' time: 57 seconds)

Marketing is a lot like flossing your teeth.

You don't have to do it with excellence, but you do need to do it consistently for it to achieve the desired results.

Yeah, there are exceptions. You read about folks who wrote that one white paper 10 years ago and it still gets crazy relevant search traffic today and continues to generate quality leads. That's awesome for them, and awesome for anybody who has a time travel machine with a 10-year range.

But in the main, habit-based marketing works best for folks like us.

No, you don't have to publish daily (though I think that's a powerfully transformative version of a daily marketing habit. If computers are a bicycle for the mind, publishing daily is a gym and personal trainer for the mind). But if you can build a daily habit that will help you connect and build trust with great prospective clients, over the long haul, you will win the marketing game.

Jonathan Stark has recently published two emails that are an excellent read on this subject:

  1. www.getdrip.com/deliveries/a0kozfxehum9ozblul4v?__s=o4qjhepq2a9eqrg7szs7
  2. www.getdrip.com/deliveries/hvweshc1b3rt6sdncan0?__s=o4qjhepq2a9eqrg7szs7

If you're not on his email list, I have to wonder why: jonathanstark.com/daily (Secret link to his archive, which achieves ideal #2 of The Expertise Incubator program: jonathanstark.com/archive)

Happy Easter Sunday,