[PMC Weekend Edition] Rapid prototyping

Philip Morgan

Quick tophat: my biggest frustration with publishing 1x/day, 5 days a week is that I have more ideas than I have publishing slots. I know a percentage of you are saying, “uh, you could just like, edit yourself more, Philip.” And you’re not wrong, but I really love connecting with you through email, so I’m going to try an experiment. I’ll use Sat/Sun to publish stuff that's a bit more off-topic, or interesting but not necessarily relevant to the coder to consultant transition. Here goes…

Tom Kerwin sent me this video on rapid prototyping.It’s so good I’ve listened to it twice.I think that for lots of us, specialization and learning to generate leads looks a lot like rapid prototyping, especially early on in the process. So understanding how to do rapid prototyping is valuable.BTW, my hack for consuming video where the visual component isn’t vital (which, I find, is a lot of video. Thanks, Facebook, for making us think video is a magic bullet for engagement. ):

  1. Install youtube-dl
  2. In a terminal, run youtube-dl -x <video URL>
  3. Upload the resulting audio file to dropmark.com, which turns it into a podcast feed
  4. Use podcast player to listen to the audio, taking advantage of the podcast player’s variable playback speed, ability to remember where you left off, etc.