[PMC Weekend Edition] Square-hot-mess-space

Philip Morgan

(Readin' time: 38 seconds)

Squarespace broke my heart.

They used to be this beautifully simple product, and then they feature-creeped into a nightmare GUI, and no matter how much Merlin Mann tries to convince me it's easy to use, it's not. It's just not easy to use anymore.

I've run across an alternative I'm loving: carrd.co

Imagine something like about.me, but with 50% more flexibility. Carrd is good for profile pages, like about.me, and also simple landing pages, opt-in pages, and uber simple brochure-style pages. All 1-page sites.

So if you need to stand up a quick 1-pager for some project (market research, lead gen experiment, etc.) and want it to look good while keeping you out of a code editor, maybe check out carrd.co.

I get nothing, other than the satisfaction of possibly being helpful to you, for promoting them.

Happy Saturday,