[PMC Weekly Consulting Insight] Bonus Issue: Profiles in expertise

Philip Morgan

Cultivating self-made expertise is a messy, iterative process.

It's not like getting a graduate degree, which by comparison is a more tidy, linear process.

I think those of you on this track benefit from examples of in-progress self-made expertise.

David C. Baker, in his excellent book The Business of Expertise, has an expertise diagnostic he calls "Drop and Give Me 20". Can you, on the spur of the moment, list out 20 insights or non-obvious observations about the clients you work with?

An Expertise Incubator participant, Jim Thornton, very recently shared the results of doing this Drop and Give Me 20 diagnostic:


Here's a partial excerpt from Jim's list:

Again, the full list is here, and well worth a look: https://contentaudience.com/strategy/insights-exercise-part-1/

If you want to look over the shoulder of someone who is cultivating super-valuable self-made expertise -- specifically in the area of businesses that use content to serve an audience -- then Jim's email list is a good place to do that: https://contentaudience.com/emails/