[PMC Weekly Consulting Insight] Loyal but not faithful

Philip Morgan

Quick tophat: A previous client of mine unexpectedly lost a whale client and is looking for some fill-in dev work (Shopify or general front end work). If you're able to help connect him with any opportunities, please hit REPLY, let me know, and I'll connect you with him.

The work I do allows me to see a dramatic change happen in some of my clients. I call it "the loyalty switch".

The loyalty switch is when your primary loyalty switches from doing excellent client work to building an excellent business.

This switch is painful, because the new primary loyalty causes trouble for the existing business. You'll hear yourself saying things like "This is the last effing time I $THING", where $THING is the main revenue driver that got your business to where it is today.

The loyalty switch disrupts your business. I'm never worried when I see a client undergo the loyalty switch, though, because I know the old service-driven business needed to die, to rise again as an innovation or expertise-driven business. In fact, expediting this transition is probably why I was hired in the first place by this client.

The loyalty switch leads to rebirth. You change from believing that serving clients is the most important thing to believing that future value creation is the most important thing. Those are two very different kind of businesses!

Frida Kahlo is said to have told her husband Diego Rivera that she expected him to be loyal, but not necessarily faithful. This describes the transition period of the loyalty switch. Of course you'll have to "cheat on" your new loyalty to future value creation by occasionally prioritizing client work. It's an awkward period where you can't fully lean on the new loyalty (future value creation), so you have dalliances with the old one (immediate revenue-generating client work in the old style).

The new loyalty will probably have you doing unusual, unpleasant things. Getting up earlier than usual. Taking more risk than usual. Getting outside your emotional comfort zone more than usual. Trying things you know you need to do but have no idea exactly how to do.

If you're in the midst of or all the way through this switch, you don't need me to tell you it's worth it.

But for the rest of you... it's worth it.


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