Worst outreach email ever?

Philip Morgan

This is possibly the worst outreach email I've ever received:Its sins are numerous and easy to spot.In brief, they are:

  • Completely not personalized. Could have been sent to literally any podcast on iTunes, and I'm guessing it probably was.
  • The most generic possible generic description of their business. Like it's literally strenuous to come up with a business description that's more generic. I guess "We help companies do stuff" would be worse, but not by much. :)
  • Seems clueless about basic podcast terminology. Someone being on your podcast is very commonly known as "guesting", not a "submission".
  • Didn't do any homework at all.

Most lazy podcast guest pitches do at least some homework before they click send, but it's transparently lazy homework. They'll listen to the last episode and pick out some super simplistic thing about that episode and work that into their outreach email. They'll apply as little thinking as possible while doing this.So if this worst-ever outreach email had done even that small lazy amount of homework, they would have listened to the last episode which is the one where I say I'm putting the podcast on indefinite haitus.There's tons of crappy outreach out there. Complaining about it is kind of pointless, because y'all would never send such bad outreach, would you?But it does give me the opportunity to contrast against one of the best outreach emails I've ever been on the receiving end of:Yes, it's a bit formulaic, but the sender (from bemyguest.fm) was clearly putting in work to connect with me in a generous and caring way.And... it totally worked.If you'd like help with this kind of stuff, my group coaching might be useful: http://positioningacceleratorprogram.com-P