"Pride" mailbag

Philip Morgan

List member Tom shared a good answer to a question I asked recently.

Again, the question is:  What would cause your buyers to feel a sense of pride in having chosen to work with you/your firm?

Here's Tom's response:

_Great question!

I'd like my buyers to believe they bought the best because they feel pushed out of their comfort zone _just enough_ to change how they operate.

Or perhaps because I told them the truth: that _nobody_ knows what the right answer is for their business, but that we can find out what works together. And that anyone who claims they know all the answers for sure is probably a charlatan.

This needs more thought...


P.S. the latest episode of The Knowledge Project podcast with Annie Duke is an absolutely killer conversation. I think you'll enjoy it._

Thanks for that, Tom! And yeah, I agree that Annie Duke interview was fantastic. :)