PUSHBACK Re: pretty great USP email

Philip Morgan

I got some very welcome pushback regarding my "Pretty great USP email I sent earlier this week."As a quick reminder, here's what I said was a pretty great unique selling proposition:(To enlarge this image, click here: https://pmc-dropshare.s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/Screen-Shot-2018-03-18-10-50-19-cvnjgsHFgO.png)The pushback focused on the fact that Zoro's USP ("Zoro has a simple mission--We help small businesses stay competitive!") didn't specify who they serve, and they seem to be pursuing a commodity low-price market position.First of all, kudos for being so discerning! Many of you are doing a great job of recognizing just how exactingly specific a good market position can be!You're also recognizing that a good market position for a services provider is not the bottom end of the price spectrum, unless you're trying to build something like WP Curve.Finally, I think I was not very clear at all about my context in all of this, and USPs and positioning are concepts that are 100% about personal context. In other words, USPs and positioning are concepts that can't be discussed separately from the mindset and state of awareness of your buyers.So here's that missing context...When I was shopping for some 3/8" thick F13 wool felt to line the inside of a speaker enclosure I'm building, I was doing so as a price-sensitive buyer. In other words, I 100% was looking for a low-priced commodity.With that as my frame of mind, I was kind of charmed and delighted in a memorable way by Zoro's USP. And to boot, my first buying experience from them was delightful. Better-than-Amazon prices with good-as-Amazon delivery speed.That means the second time I bought from them, I was willing to actually believe the claims in their USP. They really did seem to be "helping small businesses stay competitive".But again, those who wrote me saying "Not so fast, Philip" about the earlier email are 100% right. This is not the kind of buyer you want to attract with your positioning.And you should be very specific about who you are trying to attract.-P