Q&A: “Optimizing my marketing funnel”

Philip Morgan

A good question from my post opt-in survey:

Optimizing my marketing funnel and finishing my lead magnet.

I feel so much empathy for anyone who is struggling to finish something. I have a half-finished first season of an interview podcast series, a 3/4-finished book, and a few other unfinished things that are currently shaming me. As always with these questions from my post opt-in survey, I am short on context so I go long on POV.

Optimizing my marketing funnel

If you’re selling complex services and your funnel is delivering dissatisfying results, then focus your optimization effort on generating more conversations. If you’re selling simple products, then I’m not your guy for useful advice. Check out Amy Hoy as a starting point.

finishing my lead magnet

Cut scope until you can ship. I like email courses as a way to invite website or landing page visitors to more deeply engage with your thinking. If you’re building an email course, everything that feels like imperfection can be an advantage in getting started:

  • All you can think of is something short, like 3 lessons.
    • Good! Less writing for you to do.
  • Emails are short and basic and don’t contain any elaborate storytelling or persuasion.
    • Good! Less work for you, and less cognitive load for readers! Just keep them focused on problem-solving. Everything else is fluff.
  • Can’t figure out what to sell with the email course.
    • Good! Don’t sell anything; just solve a problem and allow subscribers get used to hearing from you, which they will be anyway after completing the email course and you add them to your email list! :)

It’s not easy, but try to flip constraints into advantages, and don’t let the shame troll get you down. Optimize for conversations and cut scope until you can ship.

There are some seats available in the Specialization Workshop, and some days left to register: /workshops/specialization-workshop/ This workshop uses experiential learning to help you validate a potential market position.

Quick events reminder:

I hope to see you at one or both of these events! Recordings will be publicly posted and promoted here. Keep building; keep taking risks y’all, -P