Rock and roll hair & a full pipeline

Philip Morgan

Have you ever noticed that Queen's guitarist Brian May looks kind of like Bill Oreilly with rock and roll hair?ImageGood luck un-seeing that image like, ever! 😈Anyway, Brian May has rock and roll hair, and Bill Oreilly doesn't. Brian May can also play the guitar he made out of an old fireplace mantle, and I presume Bill Oreilly can't.Brian May's rock and roll hair is a signal that he has something unique and different to offer the world.Is your marketing doing the same for you? Is it signaling loud and clear to the world that you have something different to offer? Something uniquely valuable, like Brain May's inimitable guitar tone?Perhaps some technical or business problem that you are uniquely capable of solving?Perhaps some unique approach to client work that produces consistently better results?These are the precursors to a compelling value proposition, which is the precursor to a full pipeline of high-paying clients.Get my help with the compelling value proposition part here: http://positioningmentoringprogram.comRock on,-P