Same-day service

Philip Morgan

I just rented an office in downtown Sebastopol, and while removing an ugly old light fixture some of the plaster fell down from the ceiling.

The building was originally built in 1876, burned down at some point, and was re-built with less wood and more stucco (outside) and plaster (inside).

I'm sure the landlord was thrilled to pay for a repair before he'd even cashed the first rent check. 😤

Anyway, he hired this company to do the repair:


This company has two interesting differentiators:

  1. Same-day service: The promise is kind of ambiguous. Will they get there the same day you call or do the repair within a day? Turns out it's the latter, not the former. Either way, it's a compelling, differentiated promise about what you get. It's not one of those "me too" promises like: "we are the most passionate", "we have the best team", "we have a great process", etc.
  2. Fixed pricing for small jobs: They charge a flat rate (something like $250) for small jobs that take less than 2 hours to complete. Reduces uncertainly about cost.

Part of a great value proposition is a compelling differentiator that matters to your clients. That begs the question... Who are your ideal clients?

If I gave you 3 minutes and challenged you to go to LinkedIn and build a list of 10 new ideal clients, could you do it? Would your list have the actual names of actual people who would actually respond with enthusiasm to your value proposition?

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